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Canada’s Top Online Poker Room

Canada’s Top Online Poker Room

Oct 6, 2013

With the shut down of online poker in the US on Black Friday a couple of years ago, it has become impossible to play poker online in the United States. (unless you live in Nevada) Thankfully, online poker is alive and well and flourishing in Canada. I still do a lot of one on one coaching over Skype and phone calls and  I do a lot of poker coaching with Canadian players because so many are playing online in Canada. When I’m not coaching, I talk poker with Canadian online players all the time and played with many at live WSOP events this past summer. Some of these guys are still doing really well playing in Canada, whether they are pro’s or just playing on a semi-pro level, or just recreational players,  and I think its great that online poker is flourishing in the north. Many US online pros have even  have migrated from the US to Canada strictly to play online poker and are doing well. So, what site do they play on?


There are a lot of places to play online poker, but you want to go to a site where there is plenty of action, but also where the players are rewarded and you can trust them to get you your cashouts quickly and and efficiently. If you are going to play online poker, you wan to play in Canada’s top online poker room.

This site has some deposit bonuses that are better than most and also a lot of cool progressive jackpot games and things like that. Their tournament action is growing, so you can get a healthy dose of tourney along with the cash games. I see a lot of things to like about this site and I think it is one of the better poker rooms to play in.


I think you will like it and a lot of other poker players that I have coached and talk to agree with me. For the burgeoning online poker scene on Canada, this is the top online room. Check it out.

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