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How to Win in Low Dollar No Limit Texas Holdem Games

A question that I am asked a lot by online poker players is how to succeed in the lower dollar levels of No Limit Texas Hold’em. This question may seem like it should have a complicated answer, but the reality of it is, there is one thing that you can do to immediately improve your game. I am not saying that you will instantly become a winner or win every time, but if you make one simple adjustment you will find yourself winning a lot more money and giving yourself time (and the bankroll!) to really fine tune your game and become good. The answer is simply this: play better cards!

I know, that sounds ridiculously simple and easy, but if you have spent any time playing online poker, especially at the low limit levels, you know that most players play way too many hands. They will play any two suited cards, any connecting cards, any hand that contains one face card, any Ace, etc, etc, etc. You can distance yourself from the pack immediately just by tightening up your starting hand requirements and playing less junk. You will waste less chips and get yourself into less trouble.

By not playing so many hands, it also gives you time to observe the game going on around you and how the other players are playing it. Most players get involved in so many hands that they only have time to think about their own cards. Spend some time watching what your opponents are doing and chances are you will learn more than if you were involved in the hand yourself. You can also pick up on “internet tells” like betting patterns if you are paying attention to the rest of the table rather than worring about playing hands like J-3 suited.

Make notes on players to be used later in the game or in games that may take place weeks or months from now.  The more you play, the more you will run into some of the same players. If you have taken the time to observe their game instead of playing every hand yourself, it will come in handy at a later date. You will learn which opponents are strong and which play junk hands that they shouldn’t. You will have freed up you mental capacity to focus on others and it will make your decisions easier later on.

Overall, playing less hands will keep you in the game longer. You will lose less and thereby gain more experience because you are seeing more hands. If you don’t bust out as quickly by playing junk you will improve faster and have more time to work on the nuances of the game, instead of just trying to hit every flop. Keep track of your stats to accomplish this goal and you will see that your play improves as your percentage of flops you see goes down.

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  1. christine /

    I fold more hands than I play,but lose anyway,perfect example,just got knocked out with pocket jacks by 2 pr.This is a regular occurance for me.Sit around waiting for the “right hand” the blinds eat you up,play and lose the hand,same thing, loss.Do you think some people don’t have what it takes to play poker because I think I may be one of them.

  2. Christine,
    No, I don’t think some people just don’t have what it takes! Some people do have more of “what it takes” than others, but that “what it takes” is usually just experience.
    Off the top of my head, it sound like to me that you are focusing too much on waiting for the perfect cards. Even the perfect cards can be beaten by a “suck-out” or “bad beat” Even pocket Aces are no invincible.
    What you need to focus on more than your cards is the situation you are playing them in. Are you playing from early position? Late position? Are you raising enough pre-flop to drive out the limpers who may suck-out on you? Are you tangling with big stacks? Short stacks who are on tilt? Are you opening the pot yourself or calling into pots opened by someone else? Are you calling more than you are raising?
    There are many more things to take into account than just waiting for the right cards. You need to also wait for the right situation and play the “right” cards in the right situation.
    When I talk about playing the “right cards” or “premium hands” what I am mainly referring to is that you should not get yourself into trouble by playing too many “junk hands” What I don’t mean is that you should ONLY play high pocket pairs of A-K. In the right situation, pocket 6’s is a great hand. Q-J on the Button may be plenty to warrant playing the hand. Remember, everything is situational and you need to examine the situation as well as the cards you are dealt.

    For more help on this subject (as well as many others!) check out my ebook, The No B.S. Guide to Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold’em. I also do live one-on-one coaching sessions if you are interested.
    Thanks for the input, and KEEP PLAYING!!!
    Chris Wilcox-internet poker coach

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