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Here are some of my satisfied customer comments….

“Chris, your internet poker coaching has certainly brought wonders to my game. I have learned so much from experiencing your coaching first-hand especially in Sit & Go Tournaments. Despite having read many books and blogs on poker, your coaching and book have been most insightful. Your coaching has taught me how to make strategic plays and use aggression to take down more pots for a better chance at making the money. With you by my side, I managed to go from nearly broke close to the money to making it into the final table in a 90 Plr SnG as the chip leader, just by making more aggressive and strategic plays at the right time.  Moreover, having a better read at the final table and making plays I never thought I possibly could allowed me to win the tournament.  I would have definitely given up at that spot if it weren’t for your guidance and insights, and I am now able to read the game better, make better plays and increase my chance of making it to the money.  I am now more confident to take my game to a higher level and play more expensive tournaments having had your coaching. I only regret not going for coaching sooner as I would have most certainly saved a lot of money, time and frustration. Thanks for the invaluable lessons that have improved my game tremendously. All the best in the WSOP.”

“Chris, I was ready to give up playing Texas hold’em on the internet after reading several other books, I am really happy that I gave yours a go. I have made up my losses and now have more confidence. Even though I am still making one critical mistake, when I have a great monster hand, I am not looking hard enough at the board to see what can beat me and I have taken a couple unnecessary loss’s because of it.  However, I have been much more successful because of the No B.S. Guide.  The Sit N Go’s have been especially very stimulating and educational and a lot of fun to play.  I do want to move up with better caliber players sooner than later. I don’t really need the money but losing sucks, it can be humbling and we need a little of that to keep our ego’s in check but not a regular dosage.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences.”

Mike D.

“Made good use of your fine book. Only been playing for about 3 months.  Started on sit and go strategy after your recommendation.  Thanks.”

Fred W.

“Thanks Chris for writing your book.  I am building more confidence with reading and applying your Texas Hold’em strategies and guidelines to playing tournaments and Sit N Go’s which I love to play.  I have taken many first’s playing at the 9 player table and have done well with the lottery tournaments I’ve played, always placed in the money so far.  Your book which I love has made me a more informed and better player and have easily made enough in the last few days to pay for the book.  Day by day, I am moving up the buy- in ladder.  I overcame the feeling of wanting to protect my stack if I was in the lead and that has taken me to a higher level on the food chain.  Thanks again.”
- Roger P.

“I cannot believe how well your suggestions have helped me out.  Today I have played in 10 tournaments and have finished in the money 6 out of the 10. 4 of the 6 I finished in first place.  I attribute all of my success to your expertise, both in your book and in your private coaching sessions.  I am now using a much stronger betting strategy, playing smart from position and have started to read the other players at the table much better as you instructed.”
- Craig N.

“After reading your book, it all made sense. I have spent hundreds on other online poker books and websites through the years, only to find they are mostly the same useless simple information.  Your Guide is the difference in what makes you a player, and makes you a contender! After reading this book, I am not only able to win online, I am even able to play competitively when I go on my Las Vegas vacations! They are a lot more enjoyable as I am winning more now, and I feel like I have the knowledge to take it to the next level. I am glad I bought it, thanks!”
- Rob T.

“This book has given me a better grasp on playing Texas Hold ‘Em Online. You clearly understands where we are at and how to explain in a simple, step-by-step procedure every aspect of the game. Not only do I understand the game better, but my confidence in playing has risen! This book covers it all in an easy to understand way and I have recommended it to two of my buddies.”
- Christian V.

“Chris, Thanks alot for the info, it really has helped..keep it coming and when I get to Vegas I will buy you a cocktail!”
- Danny S.

“Chris’s knowledge of hand strength and attitude have helped me escape the trap of simply playing cards and have instead led me to be a better poker player.”
-Rick Banuelos

Hello Chris,

This has been a very informative mini course and I have learned a lot and even more look forward to your book arriving, should be here this week.  I have read Hold’Em by David Sklansky and Hold’em Excellence, Lou Krieger, these are very informative and helpful guides for the player sitting at his favorite casino with a good foundation of information. For years I played 5 card stud in Vegas, living in Southern CA.  After reading some of the books I look back and see what a dunce I was and why I usually left the table a loser. My game was craps and I usually made up my losses. Anyway, I am truly looking forward to reading and studying your No BS guide and I have already signed up at PokerStars and FullTilt.  Thanks again for this on line information. It is very much appreciated.  I will definitely give you feedback from the reading of your book.

Take care and God Bless.  Mike