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Texas Hold em No Limit Strategy-Internet Poker Coach Coaching Sessions

Lately I have had a number of comments from players saying how they love playing online poker, have read up on it, but would like to learn one on one, from a successful poker player. Sometimes, reading something and applying it are two different things. Rather like golf, even if you can play well, you occasionally take a lesson to improve your game or spot flaws that creep into your game from time to time. While you cannot get a lesson from Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods, you can get a half hour lesson with the pro at your local course. Similarly, you are probably not going to get Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivy to sit down and monitor your game. This is where Internet Poker Coach comes in.

In order to meet demand from online poker players, I am offering coaching sessions in half hour increments. You can buy one lesson or a package of lessons and I will monitor your play online in an actual game and critique it for you. I take notes, replay hands with you, show you your strong points, and shore up weaknesses.

I do recommend that you read my e-book first, The No B.S. Guide To Winning Online No Limit Hold’em, so that we start out on the same page. However, we can start in any way that fits your needs. If you have certain situations that you need help with, or simply can only make it so far in Sit n Go’s and need to get over that hump, whatever your need, it is extremely helpful to have someone observing your play. Even good players can benefit from having an impartial 3rd party observing their play.

I have one particular student who had never played at all until he read my e-book. He started playing on PokerStars and Full Tilt after reading my book and had some success after first trying free games and then moving on to real money games once he was comfortable. However, he seemed to have hit a peek that he could not get over. After 2 half hour coaching sessions, his level of success skyrocketed.

Immediately after our coaching, he played 10 Sit N Go tournaments, actually winning 6 and finishing in the money in 8 of them. By watching his play over the course of a couple of Sit n Go’s, I was able to see some flaws in ares such as hand choices and betting patterns. Many  times a player does not even realize that he is doing certain things unless it is pointed out to them by a third party.

If you are interesting in drastically improving your game immediately, please contact me at chriswilcoxpoker@gmail.com, or see our web site at www.internetpokercoach.com, about pricing and availability. A few short coaching sessions may be the best money that you have ever spent to improve your Texas Hold em game. Plus, it could more than pay for itself with a couple of Sit N Go wins, as it did for the student I just mentioned.

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