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The No BS Guide to Winning Poker: The 3 P’s

The No BS Guide to Winning Poker: The 3 P’s

Oct 20, 2012

I have been on hiatus since last summer after the ridiculous experiences I had at the Rio in the 2012 WSOP. However, I have decided to finish my 2nd No BS Guide which will entail strategy for poker in many different forms and formats. I expect to have it done before the new year and it will be a book that will improve your game, but I promise you it will not be like any other poker books. I have been developing some different theories and methods to teach these theories and those of you who have an open mind and want to improve your game will find this new book extremely helpful in a number of ways. It will definitely change the way you approach poker and it may just change the way you look at your life as well.

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